David Camp

David-Camp-smallDavid W. Camp was born to Jack Clinton and Laura Florene Camp in Duncan, Oklahoma on November 9, 1938. As a youth he grew up in the Church of Christ under the tutorage of his grandmother Era Salkill a youth teacher of the Lord’s word. He attended the Comanche Independent School District graduating from High School in May 1961 with honors. Having been raised in the Church of Christ he was baptized in 1954. 
He married Patsy L. Zwingle in August 1958, graduated from Oklahoma University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in May 1961. 
His work career totaled 45 years with both NASA and Boeing supporting the space Program. Patsy and David were blessed with three children, all Christians and six grandchildren with five of the six being Christians. For the last several years he has been the WBS ministry leader. He feels God has further blessed him in being selected to the Eldership of the Church of Christ Deer Park March 18, 2012.  David and Patsy have been married 60 years and both look forward to continual service in the Lord’s work.