A brief description of our background may help you understand us. Our goal is to determine from the Bible what the church was like in the first century, and to be like that in all we do. We believe this is a worthy and reverent goal. We want to be a Bible-centered church.

     Our local congregation, the Deer Park Church of Christ, was established in the spring of 1954, to provide a place of worship for members of the Lord’s Church who lived in Deer Park and surrounding areas. Members have come and gone through the years, but what has remained constant is the desire to remain faithful of God’s Word and to the pattern of 1st century Christianity. 

     Our daily priority is to remain friends of Christ by following his commandments. We try to give of our time, talents, and resources unselfishly and cheerfully to the service of the one who made the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation.
     Through the years since 1954 the Deer Park Church of Christ has been served by twelve different Elders, twelve different pulpit ministers, six church secretaries, and five youth ministers. We are proud of our past, and excited about what God can do in our future.